Otahuna Lodge – a Relais and Chateaux luxury lodge outside of Christchurch, New Zealand

 Potager Garden

The potager-style vegetable garden holds a prime position in a sunny stone-walled enclosure which was originally the domain of the estate's stallions. Here, a huge range of seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and mushrooms - including exotic and rare heritage varietals - is grown organically for the table. Guests can even accompany the chef to select vegetables for their own evening meal. Meanwhile a flock of hens keep watch from the chicken coop, supplying the Lodge daily with fresh eggs for breakfast.

Apples, pears, quince, and other fruit abound in Otahuna’s orchard which includes many trees from the Edwardian era.  Recently restored and redeveloped are two of the estate's original outbuildings, the Melon Shed and the Apple Store.  The Melon Shed is a Victorian glasshouse devoted to the growth of tropical fruits such as kaffir lime, pineapple and cucumbers that grow up to a metre in length.  On the other side of the orchard, guests are invited to explore the Apple Store, a root cellar which today provides the perfect climate to support a diverse array of mushrooms.

The planting plan for the 2015-2016 season includes the following:

Artichoke - Green Globe
Artichoke - Jerusalem 
Asparagus - Jersey Giant
Bean - Nor'easter Runner
Bean - King of the Blues
Bean - Nectar Golden Runner
Bean - Purple Teepee Dwarf
Bean - Roquefort Dwarf
Bean - Cherokee Butter
Bean - French Top Crop
Beetroot -Detriot
Borecole - Black Cavolo Nero
Broccoli - Spring Rapini
Broccoli - Premium Green
Broccoli - Tender Stems
Broad Bean - Exhibition Long Pod
Broad Bean - Imperial Green
Cabbage - Tat Soi
Cabbage - Chinese Slowblot
Cabbage - Wong Bok
Cabbage - Spacesaver
Cabbage - Dymano Mini
Cabbage - Mini Red
Capsicum Chilli -Hungarian Wax
Capsicum - Horizon Orange
Capsicum Chilli - Jalapeno
Capsicum Chilli - Jimmy Naredo
Capsicum Chilli - Bhut Joloko
Capsicum - Cabernet
Capsicum Chilli - Cayenne
Carrot - Pusa Asita
Carrot - Mini Sweet
Carrot - Manchester Table
Carrot - Purple Dragon
Carrot - Amsterdam Forcing
Carrot - White
Cauliflower - All Year Round
Cauliflower - Italian Violet
Celery - Utah
Celeriac - Giant Prague
Corn - Florida Supersweet f1
Corn - Early Marika
Courgette - Ambassador
Courgette - Black Jack
Courgette - Solar Flare
Cucumber - Telegraph
Florence Fennel - Milano
Florence Fennel - Zefa Fino
Kale - Pink Heart
Kale - Scotch Curly
Kohlrabi - Purple Vienna
Leeks - Swiss Zermatt
Leeks - Musselburgh
Lettuce - Great Lakes
Lettuce - Tin Tin Cos
Lettuce - Dover
Lettuce - Red Butterhead
Pak Choi - Choko
Parsnip - Guernsey 
Pea - Alderman Climbing
Pea - Sugar Snap
Potato - Liseta
Potato - Desiree
Potato - Rua
Potato - Van Rosa
Potato - Rocket
Pumpkin - Baby Bear
Pumpkin - Butternut
Pumpkin - Queensland Blue
Pumpkin - Rouge Vif D'Etampes
Onion - Californian Red
Onion - Pukekohe Long Keeper
Onion - Ailsa Craig
Onion - Mt Whitney
Onion - Shallot Ambition
Radish - Champion
Rhubarb - Victoria
Salad - Mesclun Winter
Salad - Mesclun Italian
Salad -Rocket Runaway
Silverbeet - Envy
Silverbeet - Brightlights
Spinach - Perpetual
Spinach - Upright
Swede - Purple Champion
Turnip - Snowball
Turnip - Tokyo Cross
Tomato - Bloody Butcher
Tomato - Princepe Borghese
Tomato - Green Zebra
Tomato - Indigo Rose
Tomato - Black Krim
Tomato - Pink Brandywine
Tomato - Golden Boy
Tomato - Tigerella
Tomato - Moneymaker
Tomato - Jaune Flamme
Tomato - Green Zebra
Tomato - Violet Jasper
Yam - Yellow
Yam - Purple
Apple - Charles Ross
Apple - Golden Delicious
Apple - Granny Smith
Apple - Red Delicious
Apple - Braeburn
Apple - Gala
Apple - Russet Various
Currant - Black Sefton
Currant - Red
Fig - Brown Turkey
Gooseberry - Invicta
Grape - Niagara
Grape - Schuyler
Lemon - Meyer
Lime - Makrut Kaffir
Lime - Tahitian
Melon - French Charentais
Melon - Collective Farm Woman
Melon - Sweet Granite
Mulberry - Black
Nectarine - Garden Delight
Peach - Elegant Lady
Pear - Forelle
Pear - Bartlett
Pear - Taylors Gold
Pear - Uvedale St Germain
Pineapple - Red
Quince - De Vranja
Raspberry - Waiau
Strawberry - Camarosa
Strawberry - Seascape
Basil - Sweet Genovese
Basil - Thai 
Bay leaf
Chives - Broad Leaf
Coriander - Santo 
Dill - Dukat
Fennel - Sweet Leaf
Garlic - Society
Marjoram - Sweet
Mint - Spearmint 
Mint - Peppermint
Mint - Chocolate 
Mint - Vietnamese
Oregano - Greek
Parsley - Italian
Rosemary - Tuscan
Sage - Broad Leaf
Sage - Pineapple
Salad - Burnett
Tarragon - French
Thyme - Pizza


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